What is a Domain Name?

Internet and latest trends of marketing have tremendously changed the marketing and advertising scenario. To stand stable in this era of tough competition and development, you need Chicago web design solutions. To have a web site you need web designs and a suitable web domain. A domain name is basically a unique name for the website of our business. It is either exactly matching with the patent name of the business or is very close to the working nature of the business.

You have to purchase a domain name for your website and have to pay annual subscription fee. The more unique domain name is going to be, the more expensive it will be. A website address primarily consists of three parts:

  • Host server that is www.
  • Business name which come after host name, that is www.businessname
  • The last part is the major domain name, which tells about the nature of business, that is, .com or .org or .gov etc.

The last domain tells us about the exact working and nature of the business. Most of the people use the name of the company to find website of that business. For custom web design solutions, you need a domain name for your website, to get your business publicized. You can also acquire domain names for small business design setups.

Chicago’s Web Pro, Inc. will help you tremendously in this regard, to get a most suitable domain name for the website of your business.


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